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Most homeowners understand the coverage they have for personal property inside their homes, but may have not even considered the impact on insurance when the property is somewhere else. It is important to understand how home insurance protects property away from home. Property in Storage May Not Be Adequately Covered READ MORE >>

A car owner's second thought, upon seeing his beloved vehicle pockmarked with hail-sized dents, is probably to wonder if his insurance will cover the damage. His first thought likely isn't suitable for publication. Is your vehicle in danger of damage from a hail storm? READ MORE >>

When it comes to life insurance, you've heard all sorts of advice good and bad — which can make it hard to determine the things you should pay attention to from the things you should disregard. We've compiled a list of the worst pieces of advice so you'll know the next time you hear a bad suggestion or tip. READ MORE >>

A typical home insurance policy includes coverage against liability exposures and any covered perils. If someone gets hurt on your property, whether or not it’s your fault, your insurance company takes the necessary steps to protect your legal and financial interests. Protection from your insurance carrier READ MORE >>

Congratulations! You are purchasing a home after years of renting. While you are taking care of the paperwork, the budget etc., there is one more step you must complete. You need to switch from renters insurance to homeowners insurance. Why do you need to change policies? READ MORE >>

Operating an ice cream trailer can be a satisfactory career, whether it’s done full time or seasonally. In order to ensure you operate worry free, you’ll need to make sure you have the right coverage so that you will be protected against any type of unforeseen emergency. READ MORE >>

Should you buy renter’s insurance? How much coverage do you need? There are many different factors to think about. Here are five of the most important factors to discuss with your agent. Landlord's insurance: Despite what most people think, you are not necessarily covered by your landlord’s insurance. READ MORE >>

Nobody really likes to think about dying, but it's important to consider the ramifications on family members if you were to unexpectedly pass from this world. Many people invest in life insurance to make sure their loved ones are cared for, but many couples choose to save money by not purchasing a policy for a stay-at-home parent. READ MORE >>

Searching for a new apartment isn’t always easy. Even though you’re not buying the property, you still want to ensure that you rent an enjoyable unit in good repair. While apartment hunting, take along a few items—such as a camera, tape measure and notebook—so you can thor... READ MORE >>

Driving over potholes, even small ones, can be an uncomfortably bumpy experience. These pesky road hazards often become a problem in spring after forming during winter freezes. How do they form? When water under the pavement freezes and thaws, the road is weakened and can crack, which is exacerbated by the weight of cars driving over the weak spots. READ MORE >>

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