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Have you ever donated or sold an old computer or smartphone? Then you already know the importance of wiping the hard drive before the device exchanges hands to prevent someone else from accessing your data. The same applies to your business' electronics. But it goes beyond old computers. READ MORE >>

While renters insurance is important for renters of all ages, it is especially important for young adults, many of whom journey into adulthood by moving from their parents’ home to an apartment. Renters insurance provides coverage for personal belongings and liability risks. READ MORE >>

Years ago, a breast cancer survivor had little to no chance of being accepted for life insurance. However, a lot has changed over recent years. Being that approximately one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer, something had to give to allow survivors the coverage they need to protect their families. READ MORE >>

Looking to start a new business? Want to breathe life into your stagnating business? Running a successful business is often dependent on the latest trends. After all, you have to go where the market takes you. Check out these five new trends so your can adjust this year's business plan accordingly. READ MORE >>

When drivers age, there is an inevitable decline in body and mental function. This decline also affects the ability to drive. However, there are a number of measures seniors can take to retain and improve their driving skills so that they can safely drive for many more years. READ MORE >>

According to the United States Fire Administration (USFA), there are hundreds of thousands of residential fires each year. Those fires result in thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of injuries and billions of dollars in property loss. READ MORE >>

You know that renters insurance is a good idea when it comes to protecting your belongings and that it’s one of the most affordable policies out there (often under $20 per month), but money is still tight. Sometimes life gets in the way. But you don’t have to sacrifice this valuable coverage. READ MORE >>

Myths and folklore make for fascinating reading. However, most common myths about car tires can shorten the life of your tires and may even cause an accident. To clear up some of the public misunderstanding about tires, five of these myths are exposed below. 1.  You Can Get by With Worn Rear Tires on Front Wheel Drive Cars READ MORE >>

You know that your business insurance is designed to protect your business’ assets and you know that your independent insurance agent helped you select a good policy, but do you know what to do if the need to file a claim arises? Here are some tips to keep you informed before anything happens. READ MORE >>

Your parents’ homeowners insurance (depending on the terms of their policy) may cover your belongings while living in a college dorm, but what happens when you upgrade to an off-campus apartment? A dorm room is often considered an extension of your parents’ house. READ MORE >>

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