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Smoking causes disease and reduces your lifespan; you know it, and so do insurance providers. In fact, smoking—and the use of all nicotine-based products—causes approximately 480,000 deaths per year, which is why life insurance can cost significantly more for smokers. READ MORE >>

We take cars in for oil changes, we go to doctors for physicals and we winterize our homes and cars. But, when did you last check the health of your water heater? Why would we care about your water heater? Because if the health of a water heater is neglected, that water heater can cause significant damage to your home. READ MORE >>

About 20 percent of consumers shop for and purchase auto insurance online, and almost half of all consumers do price comparing and shopping around online. This trend is heading more in the digital direction and less demand on the brick-and-mortar insurance office with the flesh-and-blood insurance agent. READ MORE >>

It’s not uncommon for Millennials like yourself to overlook those ads for life insurance. Why pay for coverage that doesn’t affect you directly when you could buy concert tickets or pay off bills? But there are many circumstances in which life insurance could be a useful tool for protecting the financial future of your loved ones. READ MORE >>

Every year, thousands of cars are stolen by carjackers looking for a joyride, a getaway car or a quick sale to a chop shop. Most people think that thieves target mostly expensive sports cars, but in many cases, it’s common models that are selected because their interchangeable parts are harvested for profit. READ MORE >>

Your home insurance premium is determined by many factors, some of which you may not know about. But if lower rates are important to you, understanding what affects them can potentially help you make the necessary changes to pay less each month. READ MORE >>

Are you looking to hire top talent at your business? The location you select can play a large role in your ability to hire quality employees. Research has shown the workplace building, as well as its geographical location, can affect a person’s employment decisions. READ MORE >>

Do you enjoy digging into the dirt to beautify your lawn? Yard work doesn’t only contribute to aesthetics, but can also protect your house and family. As you make your to-do list, think about adding some of these tasks. Clean out the gutters. READ MORE >>

Many people make the mistake of buying a car and then realizing after the fact that the insurance is more than they expected. It's a good idea to educate yourself on what affects your auto insurance premium, so while you're shopping you can keep an eye out for features that may earn you a better rate. READ MORE >>

Individuals with renters insurance know that it’s a relatively inexpensive insurance policy, yet it offers lots of valuable protection. For an average of $20 per month or $200 per year, you get both property coverage to protect your belongings and liability coverage to protect you against the expense of someone getting injured within your rental unit. READ MORE >>

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