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The process of buying a home for the first time — whether it's a house, condo or townhome — can cause a lot of excitement. But it can also be stressful if you're not sure where to begin. We've written some pointers to help you down the road to homeownership. Budget READ MORE >>

Teenagers are often thrilled to get their first driver's license and get behind the wheel without adult supervision. But until that day comes, it's your job as a parent to teach your children how to be safe, responsible drivers. READ MORE >>

Fires at places of businesses account for approximately four percent of workplace fatalities. This may seem like a small number, but it's still tragic — especially since most of these incidents are preventable. Every business should incorporate fire safety into their daily operations. READ MORE >>

If you rent a house from someone, you may think that it's their responsibility to maintain insurance for the property. And you're right — sort of. It is, in fact, the landlord's job to insure the home's structure, but it's up to you to insure all of your belongings inside the home. READ MORE >>

With all that open space, it’s easy to understand the temptation to speed in Texas. And with speed limits of up to 85 mph, drivers in the state will have to go faster than most to run afoul of the law. Unfortunately, those who do get caught going a little — or a lot — too fast will still face serious consequences. READ MORE >>

Lots of people have tips they like to share about auto insurance. But how much of this advice is legit? There are quite a few myths that have spread like wildfire. Here are a few of them. The possessions I keep in my vehicle are covered. READ MORE >>

Running a successful business is no easy feat. With so many competitors and a never-ending stream of webpages for search engines to crawl, the notion of boosting your profits can seem daunting. There’s no substitution for dedication and hard work, but a few tips can help point your focus in the right direction. READ MORE >>

Most homeowners understand the coverage they have for personal property inside their homes, but may have not even considered the impact on insurance when the property is somewhere else. It is important to understand how home insurance protects property away from home. Property in Storage May Not Be Adequately Covered READ MORE >>

A car owner's second thought, upon seeing his beloved vehicle pockmarked with hail-sized dents, is probably to wonder if his insurance will cover the damage. His first thought likely isn't suitable for publication. Is your vehicle in danger of damage from a hail storm? READ MORE >>

When it comes to life insurance, you've heard all sorts of advice good and bad — which can make it hard to determine the things you should pay attention to from the things you should disregard. We've compiled a list of the worst pieces of advice so you'll know the next time you hear a bad suggestion or tip. READ MORE >>

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